Saturday, 4 April 2015

Vorsprung Durch Madness!

It was very depressing news to hear that the German GP had been cancelled. Having started watching the sport in 1991, Germany was synonymous with the old Hockenheim, that breathtaking blast through the woods, briefly out of the light into the stadium section. This period coincided with the inexorable rise of Michael Schumacher, which created teeming throngs of crowds in the stadium. It was thrilling watching the new star, in a Ford V8 powered Benetton, hold off Riccardo  Patrese, in a Renault V10, active suspension and all the trimmings Williams! The cars visibly teetering on a knife edge at a high speed - that was Hockenheim. It would have been dull if all the tracks had been like it, but it was something different, and added to the variety of the sport.

Sadly Hockenheim was homogenised (You've Been Tilked?), but in a country that was building its motorsport heritage, and had a decent smattering of fans (and a stellar collection of drivers) it still for my money should have been one of the first races on the line up. And the 'new' Nurburgring was a very enjoyable track to watch and produced some great races.

I think F1 should be a WORLD Championship and not just confine itself to Europe, but surely this does not preclude including historic races, countries with a large fanbase and an opportunity for plenty of money to be made. Take tennis as the model - they play anywhere and everywhere, and everywhere in between, but don't drop Wimbledon for the sake of a few quid! The traditional events with big passionate crowds look great on global TV, and this helps get people round the world watching, and surely the financial arrangement for the core tracks should reflect this.....

Sadly it does not seem it will be the case anytime let me indulge with my own fantasy calendar - all tracks upgraded to safety spec but no changes to the layouts!

2015 F1 Calendar:

Race 1: Australia, Bathurst
Race 2: USA, Laguna Seca
Race 3: Mexico, Mexico City
Race 4: Portugal,Portimao
5: San Marino, 
5: Monaco, Monte Carlo,
6: France, Paul Ricard
7: Germany, Nurburgring
8: Britain, Silverstone
9: Portugal, Esteroil
10: Czech Republic, Brno
11:Belgium, Spa
12: Italy, Monza
13: Turkey, Istanbul
13: Britain, Brands Hatch
14: USA, Road America
15: Canada, Montreal
16: USA, Austin
17: Singapore, Sinagpore City
18: Japan, Suzuka
19: India, Delhi
20: Australia, Adelaide

Errrrrrr whats that Mr Ecclestone? Im very sorry for publishing this, here is the corrected calendar.......

2015 Formula Bernie Presented By CVC
1: Abu Dhabi
2: Baharin
3: Qatar
4: Dubai
5: Japan, TI Aida
6: Korea, Yeongram
7: USA, Las Vegas Car Park
8: USA, Phoenix
9: China, Shanghai
10: USA, Indy Road Course
11: European Classic, Valencia Street Course
12: Austria, A1 Ring
13: Japan, Fuji
14: Russia, Sochi
15:Argentina, Buenos Aires
16: USA, Dallas
17: Belgium, Nivelles
18: Italy, Fiorano
19: France, Le Mans Bugatti
20: Abu Dhabi (Double race, double points, double $£€)